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Our Company 

Anyone who talks about quality means customer satisfaction. That covers everything that our customers perceive of us: the interfaces, the processes, and, above all, the people behind them. That is why at SmartNodeX we talk about holistic company quality – which we practice internally and externally, together with our customers and cooperating partners.​

The biggest asset in our company is our employees, We do not see our employees as people who work for us but rather as our Family.


Innovation and Technology

Each year, we invest around 30% of our revenue into research and development to create innovative solutions that give our customers a clear competitive edge. SmartNodeX has invested in the creation of compelling market-leading projects that add value to our client's business. 

SmartNodeX revolutionises enterprise operations with its sophisticated AIoT platform. We focus on automation, asset and personnel location, utilisation analytics, sensor assessments, and workplace experience system integrations. Our SmartNodeX platform® serves as a cloud-based data hub, with powerful web applications for management and visualization. SmartNodeX seamlessly connects with third-party systems to consolidate all your business data. Clients like Kiaat Private Hospital, Urolocare Hospitals, and Black Joe's Café trust our solutions to optimize their operations.

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