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Smart Emergency Button Wristband B10
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Smart Emergency Button Wristband B10
The Smart Emergency Button wristband is a cutting-edge product that utilizes Wirepas Mesh technology, making it the ideal choice for smart healthcare and emergency response. The B10 wearable tracking tag, equipped with BLE and NFC technology, seamlessly integrates into the QuuppaA System, providing precise indoor navigation and localization. In case of an emergency, users can easily call for help with a single button press, while caregivers can track their movements in real-time.
How it works 
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Vibration Response with a Simple Press


Visual or audio friendly for persons with disability, build-in vibration motor. Self-awareness and fast response to your location in an emergency by pressing the panic button.

Multiple wearing styles

You have more options wearing stiles by switching different silicone sleeves, which can be applied to a variety of applications

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Smart Charging 
This product features Smart Magnetic Charging that is effortless to align and automatically suctions with 2 pins for convenient magnetic suction charging.
IP66 Waterproof 
This product is certified with IP66 rating, ensuring protection against water and dust.
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Up to 60 Days battery Life time per charge 
Our device has a prolonged standby time, allowing it to provide 24/7 service, ensuring its availability during emergencies when you require it."
Up to 100 Meters (328 ft.) Transmission Distance
To achieve a more reliable connection during the activity, expand the coverage area.
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Configuration App available Beacon Set Plus
Our SmartNodeX Beacon Set Plus App allows you to adjust broadcasting settings, or you can request a pre-configured unit tailored to your specific environment.
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