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Smart Gateway Node MG4 
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The Smart Gateway Node MG4 is a rechargeable Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Gateway Node used to collect and monitor Bluetooth LE devices.


The Smart Gateway Node MG4 is equipped with a rechargeable battery for power disruption operation.


Sensor data is sent via Wi-Fi in a JASON Format and can save data on board when the network is interrupted. The Smart Gateway Node MG4 is used in asset management and personnel management.

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How it Works 
Key Features 

The Smart Gateway Node MG4 has an internal storage feature that prevents data loss during Wi-Fi network outages. It can store up to 1,080 records of data while in offline mode and will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network once it's back up to transmit the stored data.

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Compatibility and high security

Users can upload data to the cloud via the MQQT or HTTP protocol by using the Smart Gateway Node MG4, which is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth devices. The SSL/TCP security protocol is optional for MQQT

The Smart Gateway Node MG4 ensures dependable data transfer through its power connection and a rechargeable 2,000 mAh battery that can last up to 12 hours, during power and Wi-Fi disruptions.

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The Smart Gateway Node MG4 can collect and upload up to 75 data points per second. Users can customize data filtering, scanning, and uploading intervals to improve data management and receive more accurate data from different sensors.

Smart Gateway Node MG4 Specifications
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*For precise measurements please refer to the actual Product 
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