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The Smart Patient Wristband B7 is a Quuppa System supported emergency button that accurately locates patients, allowing healthcare providers to easily find them within the facility. Additionally, it features an NFC chip with a unique ID for positive patient identification, which can be used to manage access to restricted areas for TB patients by opening door locks.

How it works 
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SOS Button 
In case of an emergency, the patient can press the SOS button on the Smart Patient Wristband. The positioning technology will then locate the patient, allowing healthcare staff to provide support. Additionally, the wristband can be zoned to send an alert if the patient enters a restricted area.
NFC Tag with BLE Sensor  
The Smart Patient Wristband B7 comes with a built-in NFC Chip that enables various applications such as opening restricted doors and setting up alerts based on Geo locations. It also facilitates positive patient identification for theatre procedures and patient location. When combined with Staff BLE Cards, it allows linking of staff and patients for monitoring nursing time and patient care.
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