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Secure Data Exchange Between Systems and Service Providers 
The Most Secure Global Patient Information Data Exchange
"SmartNodeX Healthcare Blockchain"
Get Connected and exchange Patient Data Today 
SmartNodeX Solutions 
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Smart Office Management

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Environmental Monitoring

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People Counting

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Location Assist - Step by Step Navigation

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Manage Your Assets in Real-Time

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Battery-Free Bluetooth Nano Computing Sensors

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AoA, The Ultimate in Indoor Navigation and sub-meter Location Technology

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Smart Warehouse

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Could Chain Management with Intelligence

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Smart Healthcare

SmartNodeX AIoT Products 
Enhance your business outcomes with AIoT solutions.
AIoT Gateway Node
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Sensor Tags 
Location Beacons
AIot Asset Tags
AIoT Personnel Tags
Sensor Tags
Solution Starter Kits
Solution Starter Kits
Optimising AIoT Solutions Performance through Precision Smart Sensor Tags
At SmartNodeX, we provide reliable and precise AIoT solutions that can significantly improve your business efficiency and deliver measurable outcomes. Our approach is tailored to specific industries and includes carefully selected AIoT devices, such as Bluetooth beacons, that enable real-time asset management, precise location tracking, and data-driven process automation. This empowers our clients to make more informed business decisions.
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